The cdi story

Creativity ᛫ Dependability ᛫ Integrity.

CDI stands for Custom Design Imports. It also represents our core value, which is Creativity, Dependability, and Integrity. 

In early 2020, CDI was rebranded by a group of ASI supplier veterans with experience and support from their loyal customers. CDI recognizes the importance of providing tailored service and individual attentions to every single request from their supportive customers. CDI strives to provide customized designs based on client’s goal and requirement while maintain the flexibility of providing abundant options for customers to choose from.

With 15 years of combined industry experience, we have come up innovative solutions for our distributors to manage cost-effective promotional products sourcing strategies.  Our focus always remains on providing the best-in-class materials and supplying the most popular items on the market for you and your clients to impress. We have very strict test and approval process for every single product that we present. We believe our advanced QA criteria can keep our customers confident and happy.

We hope everyone enjoys working with us and we would love to be an integral part of every single customer that we serve.